AI recipes inspired by books

Cooking Assistant

Ready to embark on a flavor-packed journey with our Litlunches Chatbot? 🍽️ Here’s your ticket to a world of culinary wonders.

Meal Prep Ideas


Unleash your culinary creativity! Pose a question to the chatbot based on your pantry contents, like, Any ideas with chicken, veggies, and broth for a quick soup?

Quick Recommendations

Short on time? No worries! Request speedy recipes tailored to your preferences. For instance, inquire about a swift dinner fix such as Any quick stir-fry ideas with my favorite veggies and protein.

Dessert Cravings

Got a sweet tooth? The chatbot swiftly satisfies your dessert cravings with easy-to-make recommendations. Craving chocolate? Request the chatbot’s quick and decadent chocolate mug cake recipe.

Culinary Exploration

Craving an adventure in flavors? Use the chatbot to embark on a culinary journey, try new recipes, and expand your cooking skills. For instance, inquire about a unique dining experience with a Moroccan-inspired tagine recipe.

Eager for a flavorful journey tailored to your favorite books or themed parties? Let the chatbot guide you in crafting unique recipes and elevating your culinary skills. For instance, ask about an American Gods-themed feast.

Ingredient Information


Ever been curious about the secrets of certain ingredients? Ask the chatbot for details about flavors, uses, and smart substitutes. Wondering about unique spices? Discover how cardamom can elevate your desserts!

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Flavor Pairing Suggestions

Master the art of flavors! Discover optimal pairings and combinations to enhance your culinary creations. For instance, explore how to pair balsamic vinegar with strawberries for a delightful salad.

Kitchen Tips and Hacks

Ready to become a kitchen wizard? Seek valuable advice from the chatbot, from maintaining sharp knives to learning time-saving culinary hacks. For example, ask, Got any tips for easily peeling garlic cloves?

Accessible 24/7

Need help at any hour? The chatbot is your around-the-clock culinary companion, ready to assist with any kitchen query or need. Ready to explore the culinary realm? Let’s get started! 🌟